Thea Hjelmeland – Her debut album entitled “Oh, the third …” was released in February 2012

The music world has always been a sanctuary for artistic souls who passionately venture into unknown realms and bring forth sounds that captivate and mesmerize all of us. One such artist is Thea Hjelmeland, a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose unique style and undeniable talent has won her a well-deserved place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Her debut album “Oh, the third…” was released in February 2012, and it did not take long for it to become an astonishing testament to a promising career that would flourish over time. In this blog post, we will delve into the profound universe of inspiration and harmony that Thea Hjelmeland crafted with her musical prowess.

A Multi-Talented Artist:

Before discussing on Thea’s debut album, it is imperative to mention her incredible versatility and natural gifts that have made her a distinguished figure in the global music scene. Born in Førde, Norway, she honed her craft studying at The Grieg Academy of Music and Drama in Bergen. Being a gifted multi-instrumentalist, she tried her hands on various instruments like guitar, piano, autoharp, kantele, zither, banjo which consequently led to a distinctive sound of her songs.

“Oh, the Third…”: An Eclectic Fusion of Genres

It’s often said that first impressions last a lifetime; with her debut album “Oh, the third…”, Thea Hjelmeland surely captured listeners’ attention by embracing various creative elements without being hesitant or cautious. From the moment one presses play on this breathtaking record, it becomes evident that listeners are about to experience something profoundly special.

The ten-track album is an eclectic blend of folk-pop sensibilities with experimental avant-garde nuances while also incorporating traditional sounds from her Norwegian roots. From the heartfelt songwriting to enchanting melodies infused with soothing instrumentation – every aspect of “Oh, the third…” is a testament to Thea’s undeniable talent.

Songs That Resonate with Your Soul

One cannot merely label this album as just another folk-pop debut; it goes beyond these boundaries to create a powerful narrative that genuinely resonates with its audience. Standout tracks like “Drama Queen”, “Arctic Love”, and “D.B.S.L.” showcases Thea’s ability to transcend conventional music norms.

“Drama Queen” draws upon personal introspection relevant to anyone who has ever doubted theirworth or felt overwhelmed by life’s challenges. With its infectious chorus and warm arrangements, it naturally strikes a chord with listeners.

“Arctic Love” delivers an exceptional blend of acoustic instruments along with poetic lyricism painting vivid imagery of love amidst the vast Northern landscapes.

Perhaps one of the most stirring tracks on the album is “D.B.S.L.” (Don’t Be So Long). It reflects an ethereal vulnerability in its minimalist production while encapsulating universal themes of pain and loss with sheer honesty.

Impact and Legacy

Nine years have passed since Thea Hjelmeland introduced herself to us through wordplay with “Oh, the third…”, but its impact remains unfazed. She continues to create exceptional music that pushes boundaries beyond genre labels – from her sophomore album “Solar Plexus” (2014) to her most recent release “Kulla” (2018).

Each subsequent project further cementing her status as a remarkable artist who constantly evolves while staying true to herself.

The journey that commenced with “Oh, the third…” was only the beginning for Thea Hjelmeland – today she stands as an emblem for never confining oneself within predefined molds or conforming to industry expectations. Her debut might have happened nine long years ago – but this masterpiece remains relevant today as we eagerly await what lies ahead for this unstoppable talent.