Thea Hjelmeland is a 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Førde, currently living in Paris

When it comes to promising new artists, Thea Hjelmeland is a name you need to know! The 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Førde, Norway, has already created quite the impact in the European music scene, and now she’s set to make her mark in the City of Lights.

The journey of this talented artist started in the small town of Førde, located in the county of Vestland, where Hjelmeland began playing music at a young age. Her love for creating melodies and crafting compelling lyrics has led her on an incredible adventure filled with passion, dedication, and success. Today, she finds herself living in Paris and taking her career to new heights.

Thea Hjelmeland’s distinct musical style incorporates a variety of influences ranging from Nordic folk tunes to contemporary pop sounds. Her enchanting voice seamlessly blends these diverse elements into a harmonious and unique sound that captivates her audience every time she performs. With powerful lyrics and captivating melodies, Hjelmeland takes her listeners on an emotional journey through love, loss, and self-discovery.

Having built a strong following through her debut album “Oh! The Third…,” released in 2013, Hjelmeland caught the attention of critics and fans alike. It didn’t take long for her talents to be recognized with various awards like Spellemannprisen – the highest honor given within Norwegian music – for both Best Lyrics and Best Composer.

Her second album “Solar Plexus,” released in 2018, was met with great anticipation as it showcased even further growth within her already impressive musical capabilities. It demonstrated that Hjelmeland was not content with just replicating past successes but rather pushing herself artistically with each new project. The album received rave reviews from the press and fans for its raw honesty and emotional power.

Now residing in Paris, France, Thea Hjelmeland continues to hone her craft while immersing herself in the rich cultural heritage of one of the world’s most famous artistic cities. Her experiences living abroad have no doubt inspired new material for her future releases as she expands her horizons both musically and personally.

“The Art of Losing,” her latest single released earlier this year, explores themes of vulnerability and finding strength when faced with adversity. Once again proving her versatility as an artist, “The Art of Losing” exhibits Hjelmeland’s innate ability to evoke emotion through beautifully crafted songs.

Paris is well known for being selective about who they allow into their artistic world. Yet, it is evident that this young musician from Førde has what it takes to stand out among the best in the City of Love. As fans eagerly await more music from Thea Hjelmeland, there’s no doubt that she will continue adding to her growing repertoire and captivating audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, Thea Hjelmeland is undoubtedly a talent on the rise! Her refreshing approach to songwriting mixed with her powerful vocal abilities makes her a unique artist worth keeping an eye on. From humble beginnings in Førde to international stardom in Paris – one thing is certain – we have only seen just the beginning of what this young singer-songwriter can achieve.